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Valve Coating Valdura AlCrN

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The Valdura AlCrN coating is deposited on the valves using a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process.

In addition to improving wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties, the most remarkable highlight of the Valdura AlCrN coating is its ability to significantly increase the heat resistance property of the valve.
The Valdura AlCrN coating has proven to be a remarkable solution for valves that are subjected to extreme engine temperatures and are expected to operate under such conditions for long term use.

The AlCrN coating improves yet another important valve property: the coefficient of friction.
Engine valves treated with an AlCrN coating will exhibit significantly reduced friction between the valve stem and the valve guide.

- Valdura AlCrN treatment
- Max. temperature 900 °C
- Very low roughness
- Coefficient of friction : 0.3
- Hardness: 2200 Vickers
- Exceptional adhesion layer for 2-5 µm

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