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  1. Excellent efficiency for 2-stroke engines from 65cc to 250cc and 4-stroke engines from 250cc to 450cc. The VP Export can give a power gain up to 4%. This fuel is oxygenated which improves combustion.

    Used by teams in France and Europe.
    Impressive result on the track.

    NOT FIM approved

  2. Gain in recovery and torque
    Gain in power
    RPM gain for 2-stroke engines

    Technical Data Sheet :

    - Color: Clear
    - Unleaded
    - Density (kg/l): .780 at 15° C
    - Engine Octane: 87.5
    - Octane sought : 101
    - Oxygen: 2.7%.

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. VP Export fuel offers exceptional performance in original to highly tuned engines.
    To obtain the quintessence of this fuel, the ignition timing can be advanced by 1° or 2°.
    The richness must also be increased by about 2 to 3%.

    Keep it cool for better performance.
    Remember to drain the tank and the entire fuel system at the end of the weekend or at the end of an event to keep your competition fuel in good conditions. Closed canister and in a cool place.

    For 2-stroke: Keep the same 2-stroke oil and the same percentage of oil usually used.
    Preferably mix with 2-stroke oil only for the race or the day.
    Safety instructions :
    Dangerous product, respect the precautions for use.
    Highly flammable

    Tuner's opinion :
    "We ran the VP EXPORT fuel on the power bench and the difference compared to the SP98 is incredible. The gain is felt all over the power curve and the bike runs about 900 rpm higher. This has been confirmed on the track, the difference with the VP Racing fuel is indisputable, this product is an asset of choice in the evolution of an off-road machine. I highly recommend it, the riders who tried it don't want to use the commercial fuel anymore because the difference in performances is so important. Tests were done on 250 4T and 125 2T".

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