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  1. New VP Racing fuel RX102

    The VP RX102 is a very versatile fuel and can be used in any application that requires or desires extra performance.

    The RX102 offers the reliability and power expected from a VP Racing competition fuel.

  2.     -NOT FIM approved
        -Gain in torque and recovery
        -Gain in power
        -Gain in engine speed

        - Color: Clear
        - 3.45% Oxygen
        - Stoichiometric ratio: 13.91
        - Lead-free
        - Engine Octane: 89
        - Octane sought : 102
        - Density (kg/l): .756 at 15° C

    Safety Data Sheet 
  3. A new mapping is preferable to get the quintessence of this competition fuel.

    Store this fuel in a cool, dark and dry place.

    Safety Instructions :
        Dangerous product, respect the precautions of use
        Highly flammable