Ceramic plasma is a surface treatment based on nickel-ceramic, chemically applied under vacuum at 300°C on aluminium and cast iron cylinders, 2 and 4 stroke. This coating allows a gain in power while reducing friction by 20%.

This technique favours the sliding of the piston. In addition to this thermal gain (Thermal conductivity 0.22 calorie/Cm2°C), the ceramic plasma brings hardness (Particle hardness HT 3000, Coating hardness 550 - 600 minimum of HT) and micro porosity. (Average ceramic particle size 0.8um (microns) allowing grease storage during lubrication.
Thus treated, the cylinder benefits from the following characteristics:

- Hardness.
- Roughness coefficient reduced to 0.600 µm (Ra)
- Resistance to wear and tear.
- Better "glide" of the piston.
- Thermal gain.
- Increased piston and cylinder life.

Applied as it is, treatment alone is not enough, that is why our ceramic plasma treatment offer includes all the following actions:

- The removal of the previous treatment.
- The dimensioning of this treatment according to the piston supplied. (generally between 5/100th and 7/100th)
- Chamfering and deburring of transfers if 2 STROKE.
- Upper parting line surfacing if necessary.
- Complete bead blasting of the cylinder (including transfers)
- Degreasing and cleaning of the cylinder.