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LOS ANGELES SLEEVE CO. was founded in 1945 by family patriarch Nicholas W. Metchkoff. A family owned business for a lasting four generations, L.A. SLEEVE originated in a small Los Angeles factory producing cylinder sleeves for the automotive and tractor industries.

In 1950, Nicholas' son, Gary Metchkoff entered into the business as L.A. SLEEVE expanded into the world of automotive racing, and the heavy duty truck industry.

During the 1960's, L.A. SLEEVE exported sleeves to South America and then worldwide, thus establishing ourselves into the global economy. Beginning in 1968, L.A. SLEEVE entered the genesis of the motorcycle market, which has grown to become the renowned power sports industry we know presently.

Today, L.A. SLEEVE manufactures centrifugally spun-cast cylinder sleeves for an assortment of industries. Automotive, heavy duty, industrial, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and marine are the most prominent, but L.A. SLEEVE is not limited to these. We provide cylinder liners for original equipment manufacturers to a single custom designed sleeve.

L.A. SLEEVE continues to be owned and operated by the third and fourth generation of the Metchkoff family. We are dedicated to uphold the family tradition of quality manufacturing, excellent service and modern technology.