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VP Q16 Pail 19L

VP Racing
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  1. The VP Racing Q16 is a fuel known for his strong potential in jet ski.

    It satisfies the needs of atmospheric or compressor engines.

    Q16 is highly oxygenated and requires the engine to be enriched by 4 to 6%.
    Significant gains in power are noted compared to regular gas.
    Excellent efficiency in turbocharged jet skis.
    Very high potential.

  2.     -Excellent resistance to detonation
        -Gain in torque and recovery
        -Gain in power
        -Gain in RPM

        Technical Data Sheet :
        - Color: Yellow
        - Lead (g/l): 1.59
        - Engine Octane: 116
        - Density (kg/l): .716 at 15° C

        10% evap @ 141.0°F
        50% evap @ 174.0°F
        90% evap @ 214.5°F
        P.E. @ 260.2°F

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. VP Q16 fuel requires the engine to be highly compressed.

    - A revised ignition advance is also recommended to obtain the quintessence of this fuel.
    Q16 fuel is highly oxygenated and requires the air/fuel ratio (AFR) to be enriched by 4 to 6%.
    The VP Racing technician recommends adding 1% of Racing Methanol(190ml) to the Q16 Pail  to stabilize it and obtain better performance.

    - Store this fuel in a cool place away from light and moisture.
      Also you can put your Q16 fuel in a cooler at 2°C even for better accelerations.

    Safety instructions :

        Dangerous product, respect the precautions of use
        Highly flammable