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StayWet Dirt Track Conditioner - 19L Pail

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Designed for full-scale dirt track racing, VP Fuels has shared a spotlight of their Stay Wet dirt track conditioner. Could this be a potentially useful new track conditioner for R/C dirt track builders and operators as well?

StayWet track conditioner enhances dirt’s ability to hold moisture longer while allowing water to penetrate more deeply. It also enhances soil’s bonding properties providing for greater compaction. This reduces dust and in many cases eliminates it altogether.

StayWet has raised the bar by adding an adhesion modifier to improve grip on the track surface from bottom to top. Many of the tracks at which we’ve conducted R&D have sprayed or misted the high side to the middle with a goal of widening the racing surface. This practice has provided smooth surfaces and greater traction in these areas.

StayWet is a water based material that is nontoxic and nonhazardous to the environment. It causes no harm to ground water. By reducing dust, StayWet provides a better racing experience for adults and children alike.

Better Racing

  • Improves track performance
  • Widens racing lines
  • Prevents holes & ruts
  • Improves soil adhesion
  • Better Fan Experience
  • Improves visibility for fans & racers
  • Alleviates dust-related breathing problems
  • Biodegradable

Track prep procedure may vary depending upon soil type and track prep methods. Upon first time use of StayWet, it’s important to incorporate the conditioner into the track surface. Always open up the track surface with light tilling for best results. Sealed surfaces will generate excessive dust if track conditioner is not incorporated correctly.

  • 3/4 gallon StayWet to 2500 gallons water
  • 1 gallon StayWet to 3000+ gallons water
  • Use a minimum of 4 times through 2 day water prep.
  • For First Time water application,best to water at night and leave to set overnight.

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