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Fork Anodising Top Tube

Available in 15 days
Color :
119.00 €

Do you want the most aesthetic suspension that matches your decorating kit? Look no further.

AC Motorsports offers you to anodize your fork top tube in order to customize the suspension of your motorcycle whatever the model.
3 colors are available: Kashima, Gold (Ohlins®), Black.

Anodizing is a very resistant surface treatment that allows you to protect or colour an aluminium part by anodic oxidation. Widely used in competition, anodizing reduces friction in the fork.

For this service, please send us your fork in very good condition, clean, completely disassembled and free of any plastic parts or other screws to :

AC Motorsports
Racing Service
80 rue F. de Lesseps
13760 Saint-Cannat

Delay : 2 weeks