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Vortex CDI Control X10

Available in 8 days
539.00 €
The VORTEX X10 CDI is the smallest and most powerful programmable CDI available. The CDI X10 allows the user to select up to 10 different modes very easily. With the advent of X10 technology, this unit can be programmed with up to 10 high-resolution 3D maps. This gives the user the ability to choose from a range of parameters and customize engine power to suit a variety of rider styles, different track conditions, fuel octane levels or engine configurations. In addition, the rider can dynamically change modes via a handlebar switch.

From Mild to Wild, the possibilities are endless with the X10 CDI

Main characteristics:
  • Pre-programmed with 10 power settings selectable via switch X10
  • Performance Instant Plug-in (replaces the standard CDI interface without the need for wiring)
  • 2 position handlebar switch included for dynamic map selection
  • Rubber mounting boot + brackets provided (if necessary)
  • V-Boost - Internal voltage boosting circuit for maximizing spark plug energy over the entire rpm range
  • Power Jet Control - Multiple On / Off (if applicable)
  • Rev Limit (if necessary)
  • Re-programmable
  • Proven reliability

All Vortex CDIs are factory programmed with performance boards developed on power benches and circuit testing exclusively with our network of technical support centers and top teams worldwide.

NOTE: The CDI X10 comes with a handlebar switch included.

Delivery within 24/48h if the box is available or within 8 days if we have to order it.

Available for :
Honda Kawasaki KTM Suzuki Husqvarna Yamaha
CRF 150 KX 65 SX 65 RM 85 65 TC YZ 85
CRF 250 KX 85 SX 85   125 TC YZ 125
CR 500 KX 100 SX 105   125 TE YZ 250
    SX 125     YZF 250
    SX 150     WRF 450
    EXC 125