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VP Q16 Pail 19L

VP Racing
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  1. VP Racing Q16 fuel is used for drag engines, hot-rod races with a standing start, vintage racing cars, racing boats and motorcycles.
    Recommended for Dragsters engines with compression ratio up to 15:1.

  2.     - Torque gain
        - Gain in power
        - Gain in RPM
        - No more carbon deposits.
        - No more risk of detonation.

    Technical data sheet :
        - Color: Green
        - Lead (g/l): 1.11
        - Engine Octane: 108
        - Density (kg/l): .717 at 15° C

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. VP Q16 fuel allows the engine to be highly compressed.
    Revising the ignition advance is also recommended to obtain the quintessence of this fuel.
    Q16 fuel is not oxygenated and requires the air/fuel ratio (AFR) to be revised as well.

    Remember to drain the tank and the entire fuel system at the end of the weekend or event to keep your competition fuel in good condition.
    Keep it cool and away from light and humidity.