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Castor Oil Can 1L

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For high-performance enthusiasts that insist on the protection capabilities of castor.
Specially formulated for the high RPM, high load demands of karting, motocross and other 2-stroke applications. Blended with the most advanced extreme pressure (EP) additives to enhance the natural lubrication of castor oil for extended engine life. Ideal lubricant for gasoline, alcohol and nitro fuels.

Caracteristics Units Values Methods
Acidity  mg KOH/g 3 max. NF T 60 204
Appearence @ 20°C - Clear OS-500
Color (Gardner) - 4 max. OA-071_1
Density @ 20°C - 0.955-0.968 OS-003
Viscosity @ 20°C mPa.s 950-1050  
Freezing Point °C -18/-22  
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