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Chrome plating of fork tube

Available in 15 days
324.00 €
Natural wear, friction scratches caused by sand or dust, splinters caused by stones, pitting due to corrosion... the causes of deterioration of motorcycle fork tubes are numerous. Rather than turning to expensive or second-hand original parts, we offer you to renovate your fork tubes by grinding and rechroming, in order to restore them to their original surface state and to offer them a better resistance to wear and corrosion.

Quality repair :
Perfect surface condition of your motorcycle fork tubes by grinding and hard chrome plating with return to the original dimensions.

Long-lasting protection :

After reconditioning, the repaired tubes offer much greater resistance to impacts and corrosion than original parts.

Fork veiled or slightly twisted :
We can straighten your fork tubes. This optional service is charged 48.00 EUR for two tubes.

For this service, please send us your fork tubes completely disassembled and without any plastic parts or other screws :

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Delay: 2 weeks