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Digatron FT-64 Deluxe Fuel Tester

Available in 21 days
1,220.00 €
The Digatron FT-64 offers all the advantages for fast and reliable fuel conductivity measurement.

The FT-64 Diagtron Standard is a small, easy-to-use fuel indicator that performs 2 electrical tests for preliminary fuel control. This instrument compares the dielectric constant and DC conductivity to a known base (SP95 or SP98). Although this unit does not identify fuel components, it will inform you whether the fuel in question is compliant or not.

In addition, the FT-64 takes a temperature reading to verify consistency.

With the Digatron FT-64, an event organizer or motorsport federation can check in minutes whether a competitor has altered the composition of the fuel by adding various additives.

* Recharges on a USB port (cable included)