AC Motorsport

Hard anodizing 2 fork legs

Available in 15 days
69.00 €

AC Motorsports offers you a hard anodizing for your fork legs in order to customize and make your motorcycle's fork more resistant whatever the model.
1 color is available : Black

Hard' anodizing with a sulphuric acid bath at low temperature, generally from -5°C to 5°C, makes it possible to obtain thicknesses between 30 and 100 µm. At the end of treatment, its colour varies from grey to black. During the anodising process, we colour it black. This layer allows a good resistance to abrasion and a high hardness of 350 to 600 hv 0.1.

For this service, please send us your two fork legs in very good condition, clean, completely disassembled and free of all plastic parts or other screws to :

AC Motorsports
Racing service
80 rue F. de Lesseps
13760 Saint-Cannat

Delay : 2 weeks