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Tribofinishing motorcycle gearbox (MX)

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Treatment :
399.00 €
Isotropic Superfinishing Process Surface Treatment for Gearbox, MX/SX Bikes, Go Kart, ATV.

- Transmission gears, forks, shafts

Accumulated life
Very low roughness
Coefficient of friction very low

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Delay : 2 weeks
Isotropic Superfinish
Now it is possible take the advantages of the methods adopted by the most prestigious motor racing departments.
Access to these secrets will allow you to make a quality leap in results unimaginable until now.
An aeronautical process that applied appropriately to mechanical details of endothermic engines and mechanical transmission is strongly able to maximize performance,
endurance and reliability.
Frictions, energy loses, consumptions and risks of breakage are instead reduced.
The Isotropic superfinish is based on a mechanical/chemical non-abrasive process who gives beneficial properties unparalleled in their exceptional capacity to reduce frictions, usury, noise and dynamic fatigue contact.
This is a polish treatment obtained with innovative methodologies that allow to have surfaces with rugosity of 0,01 pm only, much lower than the one obtained with grinding, and a surface weaving not oriented.
This Isotropic surface has no preferential directions of geometric shap and allows to the components to be much more resistant.
Normal machined surface Ra: 0,1pm    Superfinish Surface Ra: 0,01pm
Conversely, the traditional techniques of grinding, smoothing and lapping don't remove the roughness; they transform it in wrinkles of roughness; the components treated in this way during their work are submitted to strong deformation, usury and contact fatigue.
The Superfinish does not remove metal, but it removes completely the conversion coating remained from the surface of pieces, producing a speculative aspect and applying at the same time a coating of antitrust protection to the surface.

The Superfinish process is very reliable for these following reasons:
1)    There are no bad effects on geometry of the pieces. The removed material from gear teeth, surfaces and so on is uniform in his profile and it does not absolutely take away dimensionality.
2)    The process is made to low temperature so the pieces are not submitted to heating alterations.
3)    The process is based on a reaction of surfaces conversion that does not generate hydrogen, so it results metallurgically safe, the pieces do not became fragile and they keep unchanged their structural strength.
4)    The process is controlled and it can be repeated countless times. This allows to replace some treated pieces with others worked after.

The most important improvement on components is the reduction of friction caused by the ultrasmooth surface, but not only: this reduction causes also remarkable reductions of noise, of operating temperature and it removes the "pitting" on gear reducing the usury and the parasitic clutches.
The Superfinish process not only gets better the performance, because it removes the peaks from the working surface and create a microtexture who helps the lubricant retention, but also it removes all damages caused by metal surfaceof grinding, smoothing or cementation.

The Superfinish process is a very effective method of working who allows to obtain many advantages:
-    Higher yield of the engine and of the whole vehicle
-    Increase in mechanical performance
-    Longer life of components
-    Reduction of friction and operating temperature
-    Reduction of fuel consumption
-    Reduction of vibration and noise
-    Reduction or cancellation of micropitting effects on gear wheels
-    Reduction of total costs
-    Reduction of energy consumption
-    Greater respect of the environment

The performance advantage is quantifiable between + 2,5% and + 7%. It depends on the type of engine and torque transmission.

As more the engine and/or the kinematic chain is complex as more the advantage obtained is great.
The treatment is appreciable both in simple applications, where the transmission is reduced to only 4 gears (scooter transmission, electric motorcycles, ....) but also and above all in more complex applications as powerful cars with high specific power, having all-wheel drive with three differentials. As you know this kind of cars have a great power absorption by the transmission and the treatment of Superfinish is able to elevate in high percentage the performance and to reduce significantly the fuel consumption. Also the high number of cylinders is a parameter who can influence the benefits obtained.

Here some examples of increases of performance you can expect:
-    Motorcycles or Go-kart 2 Stroke: up to 3%
-    Thumper Motorcycles 4 Stroke: up to 4%
-    Multi-cylinder motorcycles 4 Stroke: up to 5%
-    Cars with traction on only one axis: up to 6%
-    Cars with four wheels traction: up to 7%
Some application examples:

Go-Kart Vortex 125cc = + 1.2 cv
Bmw S1000 RR Hp4 Superstock = + 7 cv
Ferrari F430 = + 30 cv

It is possible to appreciate the treatment on every kind of motor vehicle: cars, motorcycles, go-kart. These are their possible applications:

-Complete change gear -Primary transmission -Kick starter gear -Pinion of final transmission -Shoulders of crankshaft -Connecting rod -Pin head of connecting rods -Piston pins -Piston rings

-Crankshaft -Complete change gear -Cardan and conical couples -Gears differential -Primary transmission -Starter gears
-Crown and pinion of distribution chain
-Piston pins
-Piston rings
-Cams shaft
-Shorts or barbell
-Valve springs
-Pinion of final transmission

The Superfinish Isotropic treatment of surface is adopted in more prestigious motorcycle competitions (F1, Moto Gp...) and also in aeronautical in which it is bom. Use of this treatment allows to preparer to make a big technological leap, to elevate their work to the maximum exclusivity. You have to consider also, as great and new opportunity, the possibility to act on the transmission up to working on components normally not considered in more common preparations.
Thanks to our experience on the application of superfinish and also thanks to other treatment and practical coating, we are able to offer a very complete service: it is possible to combine the controlled microshot peening of some surfaces and also cover with brown color pieces to make invisible the modification made to the external surface. Our workshop is also able to offer a service about disassembly and careful replacement of engines and transmissions; we make a very complete service to everyone may need it.

We rest at your complete disposal for any information or explanation you may need.
Our staff is ready to evaluate in details your application in order to suggest you the most suitable solution for your needs.

it is possible to combine the controlled microshot peening of some surfaces and also cover with brown color pieces to make invisible the modification made to the external surface.