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Dual Channel LM-2 Full Kit OBD-II -3807-

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597.00 €
- LM-2 (#3807)
- Dual sensor version
- High contrast LCD screen
- 2x Bosch 5-wire oxygen sensor LSU 4.9 with 2.4m cable
- MTS Innovate compatible
- ODB-II Scan Tool cable included
- 4 analog inputs (cable #3811 included)
- 2Gb SD card included
- Carrying case included
- 2 programmable analog outputs
- Playback of the recording directly on the LCD screen (playback)
- Cigarette lighter power cable 2m
- 2x 1.8m USB cable for PC connection
- 2x Nut for weldable exhaust + metal plug
- Software in English
- 6 month warranty on the LM-2
- the sensor is not covered by the Innovate warranty. Bosch probes are wearing parts with a limited life span that can vary in case of wrong settings of richness, excessive temperature...etc.

- Product complete with steel ring to be welded on the exhaust, CD and cable.

This kit allows you to :

- to watch live and record for tens of hours on an SD Card.
- multi-session air-to-fuel ratio (AFR)
- the Lambda index
- engine speed conversion (from a tachometer signal),
- the pressure of a Turbo (from the ODB-II socket)
- to acquire 16 data out of hundreds available through the ODB-II socket
- Playback of the recording directly on the LCD screen (playback)
- download and view data with LogWorks 3.0 software in English
- Possibility to connect 4 external 0-5 volt probes.