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Off-Road R/C Fuel 16% Can 5L

Carbon Racing
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  1. Carbon Racing 16% R/C fuel for Off-Road Car was developed to be the answer for your racing needs. This fuel is formulated with a high-performance oil package for incredible rpm and power gains without sacrificing reliability. 
    For racing and stock engines.

        - Lower operating temperature from 10° to 20°.
        - Engine reliability
        - Gain in power and torque
        - Exceptional recovery
        - Stable idle
        - Gain in top speed
        - Gain in Autonomy (about 30 seconds to 1mn30 on a full tank)

        - We select high quality components.
        - Import of 99.95% pure Nitromethane for better performance.
        - We have been developing our fuels in our own laboratory for more than 10 years.

  2.     Oils:
        - Confidential (Synthetic and Castor Oil)
        Fuel Color : Pink

        Additives :
        - Anticorrosion
        - Antifriction

        - Child resistant cap
        - Instructions and recommendations

  3. For non use or long storage periods, remember to inject After Run through the spark plug and/or the carburetor, and clean the engine well. No corrosion even for very long time of non use. Easy re starting.

        Dangerous product, respect the precautions of use.
        Highly flammable

    Safety Data Sheet