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On-Road Fuel 25% Can 5L

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  1. This On-Road fuel has been developed to meet the special requirements of R/C engines in track competition.

    Developed with only castor oil for efficient lubrication
    - Lower operating temperature,
    - Low smoke emission
    - Gain in power and torque
    - Exceptional response of the engine
    - Gain in top speed
    - Idle stable

    - We select high quality components.
    - Import of 99.95% pure Nitromethane for better performance.
    - We have been developing our fuels in our own laboratory for more than 10 years.

    Piston after use: slight brown deposits.
    Fine tuning of the engine is necessary.

  2. Color : Colorless

    Oil : - 9% Castor Oil

    Additives :

    - Anticorrosion
    - Antifriction


    - Child resistant cap
    - Instructions and recommendations

  3. For non use or storage periods, remember to inject After Run through the spark plug and/or the carburettor, and clean the engine well. No corrosion even for very long periods of non use and storage periods. Easy re-starting.


    • Dangerous product, respect the precautions of use.
    • TOXIC

      Safety data sheet