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Nano Engine Anti-Friction PowerMaxx 300ml

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Nano Engine Super Protection creates a highly active nano barrier in the oil which protects all the internal surfaces of engines and equipment such as oil system, manual gearboxes and differentials. Seals, o-rings and shaft seals are kept supple. Improved oil flow during cold start, smoother and quieter engine running, improved performance, extended life of equipment, and excellent "run dry" emergency properties. Service product for use in the oil system of 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines.

  • Only for 4-stroke engines
  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption.
  • Reduces internal engine wear by 60 to 80%.
  • Lower the temperatures
  • Decreases engine and gearbox noise.
  • Increases compression by 20 to 80 %
  • Increases engine torque.
  • Deposits a permanent protective film on all vital parts of the engine.
  • Completely neutral and poses no risk to the environment.
  • Significant reduction of HC, CO, NOx and CO2 emissions.
Mixing Ratio:
4-stroke engines : 6% of the oil volume.
Manual & Differential Gearbox: 5% of oil volume.
Automatic Gearbox: 2% of oil volume.
Power Steering - Hydraulic Circuit - Compressor: 2% of oil volume.

Recomanded for Cars, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Karts, Marines, Agricultural machines, Industries,
PowerMax Nano Engine does not alter the properties and viscosity of the oil in any way.
PowerMax Nano Engine is compatible with all oils and additives.
Contains no petroleum distillates, solid particles, Zinc, PTFE and graphite.
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