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Diesel Piston Thermal Barrier Coating

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Treatment :
40.00 €
Diesel piston dome thermal barrier
Diameter from 50mm to 100mm

Polymers on piston
-    Thermal barrier objectives: protection of the piston crown, maintenance of physical integrity (reduction of engine breakage).
-    Result: higher flame front speed and in some cases, possibility of mixture enrichment

The high temperatures of an engine are at the point of explosion, the piston crown is the part that reaches the highest temperatures.  This temperature is dispersed over the entire piston, which expands and takes a few hundredths of a mm in diameter, thus reducing the clearance between the piston skirt and the cylinder wall.  When the clearance becomes too small, the piston "squeezes" and seizes in the cylinder.  The addition of a specific ceramic material to the piston crown forms a thermal barrier that maintains the surface temperature and reduces the distribution of this heat over the entire piston and cylinder.  Reliability is optimized and engine performance is maintained.

Optional: Piston skirt anti-friction coating  

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