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  1. VP Racing EXPORT fuel. Created to generate maximum power for high performance vehicles, rally cars, luxury sports cars, hill climb, and racing cars. The VP Export fuel is specially developed for atmospheric engines. It offers an extra power and torque compared to a similar racing fuel.

    Especially recommended in :

    - S2000

    - R2
    - R3

    - Super 1600

    - Maxi

  2.   - FIA 2014
      - Gain in torque
      - Gain in power
      - RPM gain
      - Color: Clear
      - Unleaded
      - Engine Octane: 87.5
      - Research Octane: 100.9
      - Density (kg/l) : .780 at 15° C

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. A new mapping is not mandatory but recommended to get the quintessence of this competition fuel.
    Store this fuel in a cool, dark and dry place.

    Safety instructions :

    Dangerous product, respect the precautions for use
    Highly flammable