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VP Import 18.3L Pail

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  1. VP Racing Import Dragster fuel. Provides much more power and torque than any other fuel.
    Impressive results with 2-stroke and 4-stroke naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios ranging from 15:1 to 21:1.
    For drag racing and track racing.

  2. - Very high resistance to detonation
    - Gain in torque
    - Gain in power
    - Gain in rpm

    Technical Data Sheet :

    - Color: Clear
    - Lead (g/l): 1.58
    - Engine Octane: 120+ (world record)
    - Density (kg/l): .744 at 15° C

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. Remember to drain the tank and the entire fuel system at the end of the weekend or at the end of an event.
    Fuel should be kept cool and away from light.

    Safety instructions :

    Dangerous product, respect the precautions of use
    Highly flammable