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VP MR12 Pail 19L

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  1. 4T ENGINES RACING FUEL No. 1 in France and Europe :

    MR12 is VP Racing's best fuel for 4 Stroke MX/SX and Motorcycles engines that can tolerate low octane ratings.

    Bluffing result on engine dyno and circuit.
    The MR12 can give a power gain up to 6%.
    This fuel is oxygenated which improves combustion.

  2.     Engine Preference: 4 Stroke
        Significant torque gain
        Gain in power
        Gain in RPM

        Technical Data Sheet :
        - Color: Light green
        - Leaded
        - Density (kg/l): .733 at 15° C
        - Engine Octane: 87
        - Research Octane: 99.2
        - Oxygen : Yes

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. The VP Racing MR12 fuel offers exceptional and superior performance in original 4-stroke to highly tuned 4-stroke engines.

    To achieve the quintessence of this fuel, ignition timing and richness should be reviewed.
    The best is to have a programmable ignition such as GET or Vortex.

    It is preferable to keep this fuel in a very cool place like a refrigerator.
    Also it is better to ride with a full tank and cold fuel than partially empty at the beginning of the race.

    Remember to drain the tank and the whole fuel system at the end of the weekend or at the end of the event to keep your competition fuel in good conditions. Don't forget that competition fuel is damaged by contact with air and humidity.