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VP MRX02 Pail 19L

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  1. Without a doubt, the best MX/SX fuel for 2-stroke.

    The best performance for original and prepared engines.
    MRX02 is terribly efficient, delivering up to 7% more power than pump fuel and any other non-oxygenated competition fuel.

  2. NOT FIM Approved
    Special 2T
    Gain in torque
    Gain in power
    Gain in engine speed
    Engine protection

    Technical Data Sheet :

    - Color: Light blue
    - Leaded
    - Density (kg/l): .734 at 15° C
    - Motor Octane: 100
    - Octane sought : 104
    - Oxygen: Yes
           10.0% evap @ 116°F
           50.0% evap @ 150°F
           90.0% evap @ 304°F
           FBP 326.0°F

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. Keep this fuel in a very cool place such as a refrigerator at the race site. It is also better to drive with a full tank than a partially empty one at the beginning of the race.

    Remember to drain the tank and the whole fuel system of the motorcycle at the end of the day in order to keep your MRX02 competition fuel in good conditions.

    Keep the same 2-stroke oil and the same percentage of oil normally used.
    It is best to mix it with the 2-stroke oil only for the race or the day.

    Safety instructions :
    Dangerous product, respect the precautions for use
    Highly flammable