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  1. VP MS103 is an unleaded fuel specially designed for high performance vehicles, rally cars, luxury sports cars, muscle cars, sport bikes, quads, atmos or turbocharged engines.

     Particularly recommended for use in :
        - Muscle Car
        - Turbo engines
        - N/A Engines
        - Quad engines
        - 450cc and 500cc

  2. -Not FIA approved 
    - Gain in torque
    - Gain in power
    - RPM gain

    - Colour: red
    - Unleaded
    - Oxygen 3.61%.
    - Engine Octane: 99
    - Research Octane: 107
    - Density (kg/l): .743 at 15° C

    Safety Data Sheet


  3.     A new mapping is preferable to get the quintessence of this competition fuel.
        Store this fuel in a cool, dark and dry place.

        Safety Instructions :
        Dangerous product, respect the precautions of use
        Highly flammable