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VP Racing MS 109 18.3L Pail

VP Racing
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  1. MS109 is a highly oxygenated unleaded fuel for hill climbs.
    Specially formulated for engines running at high rpm with a high compression ratio.
  2. - Outstanding performance
    - Gain in torque
    - Gain in power
    - Gain in rpm

    Technical Data Sheet :
    - Color: Colorless
    - Unleaded
    - Motor Octane: 101
    - Research Octane : 109
    - Density (kg/l): .722 at 15° C

    Safety Data Sheet

  3. A new mapping is mandatory to get the quintessence of this race fuel in order to obtain the best acceleration and maximum power in the engines.
    Store this fuel in a cool, dark and dry place.

    Safety Instructions :
    Dangerous product, respect the precautions for use
    Highly flammable