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VP Racing MS 109 18.3L Pail

VP Racing
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  1. MS 109 is a highly oxygenated unleaded fuel for competition jetskis.

    Fuel is in compliance with FFM and IJSBA regulations.

    Specially formulated for Jet Ski engines that must use unleaded fuel and run at high rpm with a high compression ratio.

    Fuel with an impressive track record: French Speed Champion, French Endurance Champion,
    European Speed Champion, Havasu World Speed Champion. World Champion Oléron.

    Most used fuel in jet ski competition.

    Particularly recommended in Kawasaki Ultra 250, 260 and 300, Superjet, RXT, RXP, atmospheric or compressor engines.

  2.     - Exceptional performance in all jets.
        - Gain in torque and recovery
        - Gain in power
        - Gain in RPM

    Technical Data Sheet :
        - Color: Colorless
        - Unleaded
        - Motor Octane: 101
        - Research Octane: 109
        - Density (kg/l): .722 at 15° C
        10% evap @ 147.0°F
        50% evap @ 167.8°F
        90% evap @ 213.3°F
        P.E. @ 263.8°F

    Safety Data Sheet
  3. Keep in a cool place for better performance.
    Remember to drain the tank and the entire fuel system at the end of the weekend or at the end of an event to keep your competition fuel in good conditions.

    For 2-stroke: Keep the same 2-stroke oil and the same percentage of oil usually used.
    Preferably mix with 2-stroke oil only for the race or the day.
    Safety instructions :

        Dangerous product, respect the precautions of use.
        Highly flammable